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    Skyscrapers rise into the fog above New York City, circa 1980
    by Ernst Haas

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    starting today all blogs without the following gifs will be deleted within 24 hours


    These are cute


    im very angry at the tumblr staff right now

    Better reblog.

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    mostly nature

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    Montaña de Oro

    mostly nature
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  12. "a poem can be written in a month, taking into consideration every syllable and piece of punctuation, or it could be scrawled down on the back of a receipt on a rainy day in the middle of a parking lot, or as you call it, car park. WAIT. that exactly. parking lot, car park. they’re the same thing, but different. so that poem on the back of the reciept. in 50 years from now they could be studying it in classrooms, picking apart the syllables and punctuation, finding meanings that the poet didnt even intend, because in the moment, they were just overflowing with feeling and emotion and the only way to pop the cork and let it spill out is to put two words next to each other, car park, parking lot, whichever feels more right, and put it down on SOMETHING, yes, the back of this receipt will do just fine, because in a few moments i’ll be sitting in my car and everything will be different and i will never feel THIS EXACT WAY ever again in my entire life. but if i write it down, in just the right way, i can experience it again, i can be back in the car park, and then someone else can read what i wrote, and they too will be standing in the car park for a few moments, and more and more people read and feel and stand there in the car park and suddenly its not a car park anymore but a PARKING LOT where words and souls have collected to share thoughts and feelings and emotions."
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    this is cute

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    i really loved all the textures and feelings i felt on my walk today 

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